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Welcome to the ICEA

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Today's most advanced industries rely on complex procedures that leave little margin for error. That's why governments regulate these industries. That's also why ICEA contractors employ the most highly skilled, best trained technicians -just to make sure nothing goes wrong. Next time you're hiring instrumentation control technicians, make sure you look for the ICEA affiliation. You'll find out why we're so highly more..

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The Instrument Contracting and Engineering Association (ICEA) is the contractor association that negotiates and helps administer the "Joint National Industrial Agreement for Instrument and Control Systems Technicians, Revised January 1, 2002" (the I & C Agreement). In this regard, the ICEA provides the management members of the Arbitration Board and Standing Committee referred to in the I & C Agreement. It also appoints the employer trustees to the Joint Labor / Management Corporation Trust. The ICEA meets at least annually, usually every January.

Q. How does a contractor become a member of ICEA?

A. A contractor that signs the I & C Agreement is automatically a member of the ICEA.


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